• Have water shoes with hard grip for hike, we do rent shoes for $3 US.
  • Dressing rooms available, have extra dry clothes and towels.
  • Others: mosquito repellent, sunblock, and a good waterproof camera with flash!
  • After you exit the tender, go to Terminal One. We have a booth near the exit, so look for our guys in the yellow gold polo shirts and the sign and ask for Vitalino. He will be there for your special day in Belize.
  • Do not leave with anyone else unless directed to by Vitalino or Vitalino Jr.

Be aware that taxi drivers/guides at the Terminal are intercepting guests and offering tours at cheaper prices. But the people end up paying more (hidden costs). We lose customers this way because we ask no deposit. We are an excellent, established company. Please be sure you find

We eagerly look forward to giving you the best tour of your cruise!

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