Cave Tubing Questions

Is there a weight limit for cave tubing?

If you can walk, you can go cave tubing. We have large tubes for heavy people. 300 pounds and even more is not too large for cave tubing, it’s easier to ride on a tube than walk. Heavy people may need to go slower or have their tube carried. We are very happy to help with those things.

How many caves do you do on your cave tubing tours?

For cruise ship passengers, we do 3, the most of any one. For other tours, we can arrange to do as many caves as the time you have allows, 5 is a good number for a long tour. We are very flexible. We love cave tubing!

How cold is the water?

The water is very refreshing, around 70 to 74 degrees, and it stays about the same year round. It’s really great when you’ve been hiking on a warm day.

I’m sort of claustrophobic. How can you help with this?

If you are uncomfortable in darkness, you can keep your lights on and keep moving while going through a cave. Just please alert your guide as to how you feel, and you will be assisted. If it is narrow spaces that bother you, these caves are fairly large.

I had knee surgery and cannot walk fast. Can I do this?

The hike is not strenuous, and the paths are well worn and smooth. You will not be pushed to go faster than is comfortable for you. Our guides will assist as needed, like carrying your tube if you need for us to.

Is there an age requirement for cave tubing?

No, we are very happy to have children on our tours. We have small tubes and life jackets for children, and very small children can ride on the lap of a parent, if they like. I have taken infants cave tubing before they can walk! Most of them really like it.

I cannot swim. Can I still do cave tubing?

Yes, cave tubing does not require swimming, unless you want to. Being a weak swimmer is also not a problem. You will get on your inner tube in shallow water, and you ride the whole time. And you will have on a life jacket. If you inform your guide that you cannot swim, he can be sure you feel safe during the tour.


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