Cruise Ship Questions

What if the river is too high for cave tubing our cruise day?

Vitalino is very conscientious about river conditions and his guides always check, especially during the rainy season. He will be happy to offer you an alternative tour.

Do you do groups from cruise ships?

Yes! We are very happy to do a tour for you when you are stopping in Belize on your cruise. For details click here.

If our ship does not come to Belize, do we get our money back?

For our tours, we do not ask for a deposit. So there is no problem if your ship does not make to Belize, there is no money to refund. For tours that require special arrangements, a combination tour or a large group, we may call to get a credit card number to secure the tour, but we would not make any charges unless you did not show up AND did not inform us that you were canceling. Then we would only charge what our expenses were, not the cost of the tour.

Do we need to make reservations if arriving on a cruise ship?

Yes, you need to make reservations, usually done by email. Then before you leave on your cruise we can send instructions on how to meet up with us when you get to Belize. And we will have a sign with your name on it.

How do we pay? Do you take credit cards?

We prefer cash on the day of the tour, and we will take travelers checks. US dollars are fine.

Will you be sure and get us back to the ship in time?

Yes, we are very conscientious about getting you back to the ship in time. That is why we will ask you get off the ship early (included when you book and receive instructions on how to meet up with us) so we can avoid the big crowds and get you back in time.

How long does a cave tubing tour with you last?

For cruise ship passengers, the tour is approximately four to four and a half hours. That’s one hour of travel to the site, one and a half to two hours of cave tubing, and an hour and a half back to the terminal, which includes a thirty minute stop at Vitalino’s place for lunch. We will inform and entertain you during the ride.

What if you have a flat or car trouble? Will we miss our ship?

No, first, we plan our cruise ship tours early, which allows for problems. We know when the different cruise ships leave, and we have back-up plans for problems. All our guides have working cell phones on the day of the tour, and can alway call for help if needed.

What is the policy about tipping?

Our guides do not expect a tip, but it is appreciated. A nice tip if you are very happy, and little or none if you are not. But more important to us is that you go home and write a review for us about your great experience with us.

Will I be in a big group for my cruise ship tour?

It is highly unlikely that you will be in a big group for your cruise ship tour. Some companies like to book large numbers of people, but we are happy taking care of families, couples, and small groups. The biggest groups are those that all book together, so you will be aware of that. We always have guides and vehicles to take care of people who have booked, and are even grateful for extras! For the actual cave tubing experience you will have eight (or usually less) people for one guide. Safety is very important for us.


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